The Sacred Banyan Tree: National Tree Of India

Banyan tree - National tree of India

The national tree of India is Banyan Tree. For Hindus, the Banyan tree is sacred and is considered as Shiva. It has many names and we also call it Indian Banyan, Banyan fig, Vat, Bad, and Bargad. Formally we call it “Ficus Benghalensis“. We can find this tree in all parts of India, whether it is tropical or non-tropical. We know Bargad for its enormous canopy by coverage and they are the largest tree in the world.

Banyan trees can walk the earth for hundreds of years and can live an eternal life because of its ever-expanding roots and branches. The roots of the Vat tree hang in the air and enter the ground. These roots take the form of a pillar and keep growing into the ground. We called these roots broha or prap. Banyan tree can grow 30-40 feet tall and spread in hundreds of acres.

Banyan tree’s enormous structure and its deep roots represent country unity. The banyan tree is also known as Kalpavariksha, a wish-fulfilling tree. This tree has enormous medicinal qualities and used in many diseases as medicine. Its branches and buds produce milk with healing properties. This tree gives shelter and food to many animals and birds. 

Benefits Of Banyan Tree

The Banyan tree is precious for Indian culture. Apart from its religious importance, it is also useful in significant ways.

Health Benefits

Below are some health benefits of the Banyan tree.

Uses To Treat Tooth Decay

The aerial roots of the Ficus benghalensis can prevent tooth decay, gum infections, and bleeding problems. These aerial roots serve as natural toothpaste and also help with bad breath and make teeth strong. Tree’s roots comprise astringent and antibacterial qualities helpful against many other health issues.

Reduces Cholesterol

The leaf extracts of a Bargad tree lowers the bad cholesterol in our body and keeps the good cholesterol high. There two types of cholesterol in the human body- Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol. Banyan tree’s leaf can keep Low-Density Lipoprotein up and High-Density Lipoprotein down.

Effective In Diabetes

Powder of bark and aerial root of Bargad tree is very effective in curing a diabetes patient. Take 20-gram powder and cook it in one liter of water until the final quantity is reduced to less than half. Cool the solution, diabetes medicine is ready. Give it to the patient every morning for a month and a half.

Treats Diarrhoea

Buds of the Banyan tree effective in curing diarrhea. Take 10 gm buds of Banyan and boil in 150 ml of water to make a solution. Mix some sugar for the taste and give it to the patient, followed by the buttermilk. You can use the powder form of leaf and roots or soak them in water for a night and give it to a patient in the morning.

Bargad trees can be found everywhere. Many ailments can be cured by Ayurvedic medicine produced by Banyan tree’s bud, leaf, bark, and aerial roots. 

It can cure ear problems, hair problems, treats nausea, treats itching, increases facial glow.

Benefits To Nature

Trees are the primary source of oxygen. On average, one tree provides 115 kg oxygen every year. A mature banyan tree can produce one year of oxygen for two people. Planting a tree and saving them is always a wonderful step for a better and healthy future. Without oxygen, we can not breathe. So the value of the Banyan tree or any tree on earth is priceless.

Take care of trees, they will take care of you, Save Trees.

Facts You Need To Know About Banyan Tree

Here are some facts everyone should know.

The scientific name of Banyan Tree is “Ficus Benghalensis”. Banyan is one out of over 750 varieties of Fig trees. 

Bargad tree is the national tree of India. India adopted the Banyan tree in 1950 as its national tree.

They are the biggest tree in the world by the area they cover.

The biggest Banyan tree is located near Kolkata in a garden named –Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden.

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