26 Reasons To Plant Trees

Plant Trees

We can not imagine the world without trees. Trees keep the environment clean and healthy. We use trees to make buildings, homes, and we live there. We even use them to write, they give us food and oxygen and many more uncountable things. There are thousands of reasons why we should plant trees and save them.

Below are 26 reasons to plant trees.

1. Trees Give us Oxygen

Trees are the lungs of Earth, and life is not possible without trees. Humans and animals, we all need oxygen to live. Trees produce oxygen through photosynthesis. In one year a mature leafy tree can provide oxygen for 10 people. Trees act as air filters to clean the air by intercepting and absorb air pollutants like CO2, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide.

 2. Trees Act as Carbon Dioxide Sink

The primary cause of global warming is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Excess amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere contribute to climate change. All green plants absorb carbon dioxide that humans produce and release oxygen. According to a study, one acre of forest absorbs 2.5 tons of carbon annually. One average tree absorbs 40 pounds of carbon every year.

3. Trees Prevent Soil Erosion

Planting trees increases soil strength. Tree’s roots grow deep into the soil and hold the soil together to prevent soil erosion and water pollution, especially in hilly areas. Trees also protect soil from sunlight. Exposure to sunlight may cause losing soil fertility and biological diversity.

4. Trees give Shelter to many Species

Trees give shelter and food to many animals, birds, insects, and even humans. Trees are important to various ecosystems on the planet. Some animals spend their whole life in trees. Northern Spotted Owl can not live without a grown forest.

Many species are on the edge of great extinction. In, the UK over 60 percent of species has diminished over the last 50 years because of deforestation. We should plant more trees so these creatures can have more shade and home.

5. Trees Provide us Food

You can grow fruit trees in your backyard and enjoy the fresh organic fruits for your family. Few things are more pleasing than eating fruit that you grew yourself. You can also sell extra fruits in the market and it can be a source of income. The fruits you grew on your own are chemical-free, delicious, and good for health.

6. Trees Cause Rainfall

Trees absorb water from the earth and discharge it into the environment. Trees leave work as an interceptor and capture the rainwater and evaporate. This process is evapotranspiration that causes rain precipitation to some other place.

7. Plant Trees to Protect Our Environment

Trees absorb toxic air pollutants like – carbon dioxide, ammonia, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and clean the environment by releasing fresh air (Oxygen) into the atmosphere. Trees bark and leaves work as an air filter to capture these toxic air pollutants. Amazon Rainforest produces 20 percent of the world’s oxygen alone.

Trees are continuously cleaning the environment and tackling the global warming problem. We must support greenery and plant trees as often as we can.

8. Trees Protect from Storms and Floods.

The roots of trees hold the soil in place, to prevent landslide and slippage, especially on hills. Trees work as windbreakers during windy and cold seasons. They decrease the speed and force of winds to protect our homes and buildings. Mangrove forest trees reduce the impact of storms on our coasts.”

9. Plant Trees to Save Energy

Trees provide shade and keep our homes and surrounding cool. A tree’s shade reduces the need for air conditioning during tropical days. Some studies in the past shown that parts of cities where trees are less are 12 degrees hotter than those with more trees shade. 

Coniferous trees keep the surrounding cool in winter, giving shade in the hottest days of summer, and keep your air conditioning bill in check. 

Plant trees with a plan around a property near homes and offices will help to stop wind and create shade. This will help to reduce your heating bill in winter and will keep your air conditioning bill low as well during summers.

10. Plant Trees to Reduce Sound Pollution

Trees absorb the urban noise and work as a rock wall. Plant trees strategically and you can avoid the noise of traffic, airport, and factories around your home and office.

11. Trees are Soil Filter

One more reason to plant trees. Trees work as soil filter and absorb the harmful chemicals and pollutants entered the soil. We know this process as phytoremediation. Through this process, trees change toxic pollutants into less harmful pollutants. 

12. Trees Purify Groundwater 

Apart from cleaning the air, trees also clean the groundwater. Roots of trees work as a water purifier. These roots filter out toxins and large particles to make the water cleaner.

13. Trees Store the Water

Trees store the water in the ground and reduce the risk of flood. A mature tree can absorb 200 to 500 liter of water in a year from the soil. Trees absorb the rainwater and help to increase the groundwater level. Trees perform a crucial role in maintaining the water cycle. Trees keep the water, stop flooding, and release the water vapor in the atmosphere and cause the rainfall.

By planting more trees we can reduce drought and increase the opportunities for rainfall.

14. Trees Give us Wood

An old tree can provide us plenty of firewood by pruning safely, especially in winters. There are ways of pruning a tree, so we can have wood and keep the tree healthy. By pruning or trimming trees we also remove dead, infected, and excess branches. 

Don’t mix tree pruning with logging.

15. Trees Make us Happy

We just talked about so many benefits of trees. But one of the most important benefits of trees is they make us happy and relax. We feel relaxed and calm when we see greener cities and towns.

Japanese people think spending time in the forest among the trees can help lower your blood pressure and stress. It also helps us to a speedy recovery after an illness and boosts our immune system.

16. Plant Trees to Make Kids Focus 

Trees help kids focus on studies and perform well in school.

17. Plant Tree to Increase the Value of Property

The US forest service states that a mature tree can increase the value of a property by 15 to 20 percent. People love greenery around their home and they are ready to pay more for a property surrounded by trees and greenery.

Apart from increasing property value, the bonuses of trees are countless. Some studies found that trees help us live a healthy, stress-free, and more social life.

18. Trees Take Care of our Privacy

We don’t like being looked in on and everyone needs privacy, especially when neighbors are not far. Arborvitae trees are considered the best tree for privacy in your backyard. Plant them around your house and it’s impossible to see through because they are so thick.

19. Plant Trees Because they are Beautiful

No one can doubt the beauty of trees. Plant trees to add a touch of wonderful nature to your home. If nothing else can motivate you to plant trees, this is the most important aspect of planting trees and adding beauty in your life.

20. Trees Protect Children from UV Rays

 In the United States, skin cancer is the most common disease, and every day more than 9000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer. Trees protect children from UV rays exposure that causes skin cancer.

21. Trees Reduce Road Maintenance

Strategically planted trees hold snow away from the road and keep the roads clear during snowfall, which reduces the cost and effort to clean the road.

22. Trees Heal Patient

Some studies in the past have shown that patients with a direct view of nature from his window heal faster. 

23. Plant Trees Unite Diverse People

Planting trees campaigns brings distinct groups of people and communities together with a common goal is to save nature. 

24. Trees have Medicinal Characteristic

Trees have medicinal properties and used to produce medicine for many diseases. The banyan tree, National Trees of India is a super herb and is useful in medicine for diseases like diabetes and diarrhea.

25. Trees can Live for Hundreds of Years

We plant trees for the next generation as a gift of love. Trees can live for many hundreds of years and last beyond our own lifetime. Our children can enjoy the shade and fruits of trees we plant today. Trees are investments for a better future.

26. Trees are Sacred

Trees hold a cultural value for many peoples. The Banyan tree is considered as Lord Shiva for Hindus. Some people believe that Lord Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu used to operate their advisory under a peepal tree. That’s why Hindu worship peepal trees.


In school, when we were kids, we learned trees are essential for life. Trees give us oxygen, we breathe and clean our environment. We can’t imagine life without trees. It’s necessary to plant trees for your environment, for your community, for your family, and more importantly for our home, the earth. Together, we can bring happiness and make the world beautiful again.

Only tree planting is a way to fight climate change. 

You can start with one tree.

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