12 Ways to Conserve Water

12 Ways to Conserve Water

Why We Should Save Water

Life is not possible without water so we need to find ways to conserve water to save our earth.

Only 2.5% of the water on earth is drinkable rest 97.5% is in oceans. Water in the oceans is salty and we can not use it. Water is limited, and if not managed now, we will face water shortage in the future. Some of the states in India are facing a water shortage.

So every drop of freshwater is an important natural resource for life.

Here are some best ways to save water.

1. Regularly Checks Your Toilet Leaks

If there is a leak in your toilet means your wasting hundreds of gallons of water per day. By fixing the leaks you can save lots of water per day. 

2. Don’t use a Hose to Wash Your Car or Bike

Stop using a hose to wash your car, use a bucket instead. Don’t wash your car too often. We waste 150 to 200 gallons of water to wash a car. If we wash our car four times a month. It means 200*4 equals to 800 gallons per month on a car. If we start washing the car twice a month then we can save 400 gallons of water every month.

3. Take Shorter Showers

Start taking shorter showers. Because every minute you spend in a shower uses 20 liters of water. You would be surprised at what just a few minutes off your shower time could reduce the amount of water you are using greatly. Turn off the shower when soaping up and turn it on back to rinse.

4. Laundry

Wash full loads of laundry, You are wasting a lot of water and energy washing only half of a load.

5. Your Toilet is not a Wastebasket

Never use your toilet flush to flush away the waste and cigarette butt or tissue paper. This way you will be saving at least 20-30 liter of water daily.

6. Install a Dual Flush Toilet

Install a dual-flush model available in the market or use the flush optimally as per the requirement. You don’t need to use the full flush every time. 

7. Save Rainwater

We should save rainwater and we can use that water for irrigation and watering the garden. There are many ways to save rainwater. We can use drums or we can catch the roof water. Don’t forget to cover the water to keep away mosquitoes. You must know the ways of rainwater harvesting.

8. Check for Leaks in Pipes, Hoses Faucets, and Couplings

We can not ignore the leaks in and outside our house. We usually ignore the leaks outside the house because they don’t mess up the floor. Imagine how much water is continuously wasting due to these leaks. It should be our routine to check these leaks regularly.

9. Use a Broom to Clean Driveways and Sidewalks

Blasting leaves or stains off your walkways with water is one way to remove them, but cleaning with a brush to first release the dirt and grime will decrease your water use.

10. Consider a Smaller Dishwasher

Today’s modern, efficient dishwashers can save to much water. Scrape dishes instead of rinsing them before loading, and you’ll save up to 15 gallons a load.

You should do only full loads. If you generally have small loads to wash, buy a double-drawer model. The drawers, which use less water, work independently, saving water, energy, and detergent.

11. Cover up Pools

Pool covers are one of the best ways to conserve water. It helps in maintaining the pool’s temperature and also reduces evaporation. DOE ( Department of Energy ) said that pool cover lower the amount of new water needed by 30 to 50 percent.

12. Smart Irrigation

Watering your garden, residential landscape irrigation has come a long way. Investing in weather-based irrigation controllers that adjust to real weather conditions and provide water only when needed. Replace older mist-style sprinkler heads with today’s newer, and more efficient, rotator sprinkler heads, which shoot jets of waters at a slow rate to increase penetration and eliminate drift. Install new drip irrigation piping and soaker hoses for improved watering efficiency.

These all are small steps to a brighter future. If we all get into the habits of doing these small things we can save lots of water in our daily life.

“A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man”.

So let’s take a pledge from now, we would make every effort we can to save the water for our next generation. Because we all are the reason for this problem and it’s our duty to find a solution.

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